Sunday, November 4, 2012

Local Fishermen Fear Toxic Waste in San Jacinto River
/PRNewswire/ -- Alarmed by continued fishing near toxic waste pits leaking into the San Jacinto River, leaders of the Houston-area Vietnamese-American fishing community are taking the alleged polluters to court.
The 200 fishermen pursuing civil litigation in state district court in Houston say four companies allegedly responsible for the submerged, riverside waste disposal ponds near Interstate 10 and the San Jacinto River should pay for medical monitoring of people exposed to the waste and other damages.
The waste ponds opened in 1965 at the Pasadena, Texas paper mill site allegedly failed to contain and continue to leak dioxin, a toxic byproduct of paper mill production. The chemical is linked to serious skin disease, liver damage, and glucose metabolism and hormonal risks.
Texas State Agencies indicate that fish and shellfish tissue samples from the San Jacinto River and other areas contain unusually high dioxin concentrations and issued a consumption advisory for crab and all species of fish from the area of the river near the site.

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