Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vietnam: The Secret Agent

The Human Arts Association P.O. Box 3238, NY, NY 10008
Vietnam: The Secret Agent delivers the authoritative account of the history and
troubling legacy of Agent Orange. — David Zierler, Ph.D., Office of the Historian,
U.S. Department of State. In honor of Memorial Day, we invite VVA members, family and friends to watch the newly digitized version of the film Vietnam: The Secret Agent over the internet, in collaboration with New Day Digital — free until June 15th.
Vietnam: The Secret Agent is an award-winning film which documents the Vietnam
Veterans' heroic struggle in the early 80's to attain just treatment and compensation
for illnesses caused by exposure to Agent Orange.
"... excellent ... a tough, angry look at the consequences of exposure to Agent
Orange... a chilling issue that is effectively addressed here." — The New York
Times The recently released DVD of this classic documentary is loaded with bonus features -- updated interviews of veterans, families of veterans, eyewitness photographers, and artists' responses to the legacy of Agent Orange. For more information, visit:
We hope you will take us up on our offer to watch this film for free in honor of
Memorial Day and your service to our country.

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