Wednesday, May 2, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle, Letters to the Editor, May 2

Modified crops are frightening

Nothing scared me more than the article about genetically modified crops ("Modified-crops battle picks up as doubts grow," April 30) manufactured by the same companies that make Roundup; 2,4-D; and dicamba to kill weeds ("potentially damaging all broadleaf plants in their path"), resulting in the development of hardier/drug resistant weeds; the possible contamination of organisms that are not genetically modified ("turn corn chips and cereals into mush"), vapor and rainwater runoffs; the killing of milkweeds where monarch butterflies lay their eggs; and possible long-term health and environmental effects.
The development of drug-resistant bacteria, viruses and other pathogens have been caused by the overuse of antibiotics. The use of modified crops and weed killers poses an even bigger threat to all living beings and Earth itself, all in the name of monetary gain.
Please vote in November to thwart the Obama administration's clearance of a new genetically modified corn that could flood the nation's cornfields with 2,4-D, a 1940s-era herbicide.

Charlotte Ferrey, Berkeley

We were warned

In the article on genetically modified crops, I'm concerned about a statement attributed to an Iowa State University scientist.
Ecologist John Pleasants reportedly said that the catastrophic decline in the monarch butterfly population was something "no one foresaw."
Not true. The potential for damage to the monarch population was predicted, as was the forced selection of Roundup-resistant weeds, when Monsanto first discussed its plans for Roundup.
The only effect not anticipated many years ago was how quickly this would occur.

Kenneth Koutz, Guerneville

Leggo my nachos

I don't want another complication added to my life every time I purchase nachos. Down with genetically engineered corn.

Hemant Agrawal, Santa Clara

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