Monday, February 27, 2012

USMC Responds to MSNBC - Semper Fi, Always Faithful
Earlier today (Saturday, 02/25), the USMC released the following statement about the MSNBC premier of our documentary “Semper Fi: Always Faithful. Please take the time to read over their statement and the emails Jerry and I forwarded to Colonel Vanopdorp who serves as a Marine Corps Congressional Liaison on Capitol Hill. I apologize for the length of the email but it is well worth the read.
Major General Kessler 's Statement
The Marine Corps takes very seriously the welfare of all of our Marines, family members, and employees. "Semper Fi: Always Faithful" does not fully address all of the complexities associated with the Camp Lejeune Historic Drinking Water issues. The Marine Corps was not a part of the production of this movie, but our priority remains working diligently and faithfully to resolve these important issues for our Marine Corps family, which includes those depicted in the film. We are committed to finding a responsible solution to this challenging and complex situation.
The Marine Corps continues to work with leading scientific organizations in an effort to provide comprehensive science-based answers to these health questions. We also continue our commitment to find and notify those who lived or worked aboard Camp Lejeune and we will continue to provide them information regarding the latest reliable scientific and medical findings. Information about Camp Lejeune Historic Drinking Water can be found at The Department of the Navy is supporting and working with both the Center for Disease Control's Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) and the National Academy of Sciences (specifically, the National Research Council (NRC)), and plans to continue support of ATSDR's study of possible associations between Camp Lejeune water exposures and health effects. We have dedicated over $30 million to fund these scientific efforts and also are coordinating with the Department of Veterans Affairs. I would encourage those with questions about the current state of the science to contact ATSDR ( and NRC (
The Camp Lejeune Historic Drinking Water issue is a very important concern for our entire Marine Corps family and a deeply personal matter for me and the Commandant.

Please take the time to revisit Lawrence O'Donnell's Facebook page and leave a comment in thanks for their support for our cause.

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