Tuesday, February 14, 2012

South Koreans to begin second phase of test for chemical exposure

By Ashley Rowland and Yoo Kyong Chang
Stars and Stripes
Published: February 10, 2012
SEOUL — More than 1,000 people living near Camp Carroll in South Korea will undergo a battery of tests to determine whether they have been exposed to chemicals including dioxin, a component of Agent Orange.

Even though a multimillion-dollar, joint U.S.-South Korean investigation recently found no evidence of the toxic defoliant, testing will begin next week in the second phase of a nearly yearlong health assessment of villagers near the Waegwan base.

A former U.S. soldier claims that he buried hundreds of barrels of Agent Orange at Carroll in 1978, sparking fear among area residents who worried that the Vietnam-era defoliant had contaminated local water supplies.
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