Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr. Schecter comments on Dr. Dwernychuk

A brief addition to Wayne's excellent comments on the US Embassy Vietnam statement of 2001 which I believe is now recognized to have many errors, some or which I described in previous communicatiions:

PPT levels of TCDD were described in the early 1970's by a Harvard university team of scientists from Vietnamese women's nursing milk from Agent Orange. The highest level ever reported in human milk was found in a Vietnamese woman who had 1350 ppr of TCDD in her milk. Others had lower levels. But ppt levels were reported in Environmental Health Perspectives, an NIH journal, at that time. Baughman and Meselson also reported elevated TCDD in seafood from Vietnam from Agent Orange. Beginning in the 198's, we published findings of congeners of dioxins from blood, fat and milk in the parts per trillion range in peer reviewed scientific publications, showing elevation of TCDD in Vietnamese from Agent Orange and also other dioxins in Americans from electrical transformer fires and then other sources.

This established, beginning in the 1970's that TCDD from Agent Orange was contaminating some Vietnamese (and others including US Vietnam veterams as well.

We later reported elevated TCDD from Agent Orange in wildlife, others throughout Vietnam in certain locations, food, and soil with levels as high as over 1,000,000 ppt decades after spraying. We also reported blood TCDD levels over 400 ppt in some from eating food contaminated from Agent Orange stored and sprayed decades previous to these findings.

Parts per trillion may seem small but thiis can mask the fact that very many molecultes of dioxins are present and can act to alter biological systems. Neurotransmitters and endocrine disruptors can act with a small number of molecules,

I hope this contributes some historical information of value.

Arnold Schecter, MD, MPH, Professor
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Univ. of Texas School of Public Health, Dallas, Texas

READ Dr. Dwernychuk's full article:

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