Friday, August 13, 2010

When will Dow step up to plate on dioxin contamination?
Voice: Carol Chisholm, Saginaw Township

It is refreshing to see that Enbridge and BP are compensating the public for their contamination. As a flood plain resident, I just wish Dow would do the same.

As it stands, there are 24 miles of river, 48 miles of riverbank. Dow has cleaned up half a mile of river bank in two years, and most of that was on Dow property.

Instead of cleaning up the river and compensating the stakeholders for the contamination of our natural resource, Dow is spending money putting its name on things to sway public opinion — The Dow Event Center, Dow Diamond and events in the area. I have never in my life seen Dow’s name on so many functions, events and buildings.

I think Dow realizes how bad it is, and when the public finds out, then maybe something will be done. I hope the public understands, as one of Dow’s own people said last fall at the Delta meeting, dioxin is the most lethal chemical to mankind ever found.

Well, people, Dow put it in our river and air. The company knew from the start how bad it was for living organisms.

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  1. I'm Vietnam Veteran,I have experinced Agent Orange,The Dow Product of Dioxin in Combat Zone,That was used to Deleaf Trees and Bushes in Vietnam and I'm still 40 years later am dealing with pain from Dioxon,with 40,000 other men and women,sometimes I wish I was dead,cause it used to fall on us like a Heavy Fog.