Saturday, August 7, 2010

Area B: Cancer victim’s father urges Detrick resignations

Photo by Sam Yu - Randy White, a member of Fighting for Frederick, holds up copies of The Frederick News-Post citing coverage of Fort Detrick’s Area B and local cases of cancer during a news conference Wednesday at Hotel W in Washington.

By Megan Eckstein of the News-Post Staff

WASHINGTON — Randy White and his Kristen Renee Foundation took their fight with Fort Detrick to a new level Wednesday, calling for two employees to resign and announcing his cause had gained congressional interest.
Blocks from the White House, White said he was becoming increasingly convinced that a series of actions by Fort Detrick caused hundreds or even thousands of cases of cancer. He promised to take o course of action off the table and that he would seek justice for his daughter and others in Frederick who have died of cancer.

White has spent $220,000 of his own money to hire a team of researchers and lawyers to investigate contamination at Fort Detrick’s Area B, as well as the Army post’s history of testing Agent Orange. Fort Detrick officials last week said Agent Orange was tested in small batches in the 1950s and 1960s, but little else was known about the extent of its research.


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  1. Detrick was also a storage facility. 5000 drums of agent purple were sent to and stored there. That was just after the Korean War. The agent purple came from Guam where it had been stored for use in Korea.