Friday, August 13, 2010

Group Seeks Korean and Vietnam Veterans with Brain Cancer, Glioblastoma for Agent Orange Report

August 12, 2010 posted by Michael Leon •
Agent Orange: The killing and maiming goes on
Korean and Vietnam Veterans that served in areas sprayed with Agent Orange have a higher rate of glioblastoma malformation than found in the civilian population. With the alarming rate of death that our veterans are experiencing from this cancer, it is the mission of the to show a link between Agent Orange and glioblastoma.
We have established a website and a registry by which to gather our data and will present our findings to The Institute of Medicine in Dec. 2010 and the House Committee of Veterans’ Affairs with the goal of expanding the Agent Orange registry to include glioblastoma malformation as a recognized cancer.
This will secure the rightful compensation due to the veterans and their family.
Please contact me concerning this matter or go to our website
Eileen Whitacre Perkins or

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  1. Of those, how many also were stationed at El Toro. I'm suspecting that the use of AO in El Toro is obscured by the fact that most/many who were stationed at El Toro also served in Vietnam and attribute their illnesses to their service there, but may have also been exposed while at El Toro.