Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sharity Keith-Reichard

These are some of the things Sharity
Keith-Reichard wrote on an Agent
Orange Web page:
• I was 2 when they diagnosed me with
Alopecia Universalis (loss of scalp and
body hair).
• I was 11 the first time someone tried to
pull off my wig.
• I was almost 16 when they told me
I would never have children and
that I would have to undergo either
a “procedure” for many months or
surgery to have a “normal” sex life. I
had never even had a date.
• I was 21 before I could even talk to a
therapist about the embarrassing thing
that was wrong with me.
• I was 34 when I found out my condition
actually had a name — Mullerian
• I am 39 and I am still sad sometimes
that I will never have a child.


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  1. Thank You for posting this article about Sharity. Sharity is a member of Agent Orange Legacy - Children of Vietnam Veterans. AO Legacy is in the process of recording the stories of the children & families of veterans exposed to agent orange including the veteran. It is our site which is referenced in the article. To learn more about AO Legacy visit our website

    We also have a support community where you can connect with other veterans & their families exposed to agent orange.

    Sharon Perry
    Agent Orange Legacy
    Children of Vietnam Veterans