Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another View

by Chuck Searcy
With due respect to the good work Jim Doyle has done and continues to do, with this blog and other activities focused on Agent Orange and the legacies of the war in Vietnam, the criticism of Charles Bailey is inaccurate. It fails to acknowledge the significant contributions Charles and the Ford Foundation have made toward recognizing not only the suffering of American vets exposed to Agent Orange -- which has been well documented over the years and has resulted in at least some assistance to veterans -- but which NOW, finally, is starting to bring some attention to the Vietnamese who have suffered alone and mostly in silence for more than three decades. This problem is inclusive, and the solutions ought to be inclusive as well. Charles Bailey's article does note the burdens borne by American vets and their families, which opened the door to awareness of this terrible issue. But the point is that the door needs to be opened wider for the Vietnamese, as well. If we insist that health interventions and other benefits should focus on American vets and not the Vietnamese, we are giving excuses to those who will try to stall and derail long overdue interventions that should be directed toward all who suffer, Vietnamese as well as Americans.

It must be noted that Chuck and I are friends, and this is a dialogue, not an argument.
Jim Doyle


  1. We are again faced with those in power who are dead set against the truth of Agent Orange and where it was used. The names are unimportant as the rich in power will remain nameless in our minds because of their greed both corporate and personally. It behoves us all to recognize humanity's shortcomings and care for those who suffer because of those whose conscience is criminal in nature and we the people must hold accountable demanding criminal investigations on those that are trying to derail humanitarian efforts of the people of the world and of these United States.

  2. I would like to call to the attention of all who read this to ANSWER MY CALL TO YOU AS A RIDER IN THE NIGHT WARNING US OF THE PENDING INVASION OF BRITISH "to arms to arms" I rally your good conscience and duty as citizens of our nation under God to bring your voices, your concerns of the veterans dying of Agent Orange herbicides denied by our government, our veterans affairs, who are to this day denying the truth and simply saying there is no record of AO being used there when we know better. I ask that veterans be allowed to bring their evidence and sworn testimony to the American People to the UNITED STATES SURPREME COURT OVERRIDING THOSE IN POWER AND BRINGING THE POWER OF THE GOVERNED BACK TO THE FOREFRONT. THEY WORK FOR US NOT WE WORK FOR THEM. LET'S ROLL ON SEPTEMBER 11 2010 AND FIRE THOSE GREEDY JERKS IN WASHINGTON. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND WE DONT HAVE TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. THEY THAT RULE US ARE MILLIONAIRES. THEY ARENT WORRIED ABOUT THOSE THAT SERVE OR HAVE SERVED OUR NATION'S MILITARY. THEY WILL JUST SIMPLY LET US DIE FROM AGENT ORANGE AND DO NOTHING.