Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where Was Agent Orange Used?

Listing of the use, testing or storage of Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Agent
Purple, Agent White or other herbicides which contain dioxin.
* Aberdeen Proving Ground (Aberdeen, Maryland)
* Apalachicola National Forest (Sophoppy, Florida)
* Avon Air Force Base, Florida
* Beaumont, Texas
* Brawley, California
* Bushnell Army Air Field, Florida
* Camp Detrick, Maryland
* Dar and Prek Clong, Cambodia
* Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
* Fort Gordon, Georgia
* Fort Richie, Maryland
* Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
* Guanica, and Joyuda, Puerto Rico
* Gulfport, Mississippi
* Huntington County (State College, Pennsylvania)
* Jacksonville, Florida
* Kauai, Hawaii
* Kingston, Rhode Island
* Kompong Cham Province, Cambodia
* Laos
* Las Marias, Puerto Rico
* Las Mesas Cerros and La Jugua (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico)
* Loquillo, Puerto Rico
* Mauna Loa, Hilo, Hawaii
* Operation PACER HO (Disposal At Sea)
* Pinal Mountains (Globe, Arizona)
* Pranburi and other locations in Thailand
* Prosser, Washington
* Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
* Wayside and Wilcox, Mississippi

[Source: Congressman Evans News Release 9 May 2003;
POC: Mary Ellen McCarthy Tel (202) 225-9756]


  1. I've heard that it was used in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico, which is close to Las Marias.

  2. you left out Naval Magazine Guam, it has since closed and is on a superfund for clean up

  3. Left out Johnston Island wherwe the AO was moved to in Apr 1972 from Vietnam, Guam and other locations.

  4. How about listing South Vietnam, all of it!

  5. Why will no one demand that the VA bring back the muscle biopsy to determine if a vet was exposed to dioxin? The muscle biopsy will determine if indeed the toxin is still lurking. Why is there NO research on this in the VA?

  6. Did Tennessee Valley Authority use Agent Orange to clear their right of ways? I used to work for TVA and rumor was that they used it at the time that it was used in Vietnam. My son died of ALS and he worked clearing brush on the right of ways one summer.

  7. Add Okinawa to this list.

  8. I am a Viet-Nam veteran. It was also sprayed at Barrio Calabazas San Sebastian,PR. Also at the Guajataka Reservation, San Sebastian,PR where the Boy`s Scouts Camp is located. Two or three years later, 1964-65 San Sebastian had the highest percentage of cancer cases in Puerto Rico. Higher tha Vieques and Culebra.As a matter of fact this two small islands are not mentioned in the list and puertorricans know IT WAS sprayed there. And the Rio Grande, PR place they mention they SHOULD say it was at EL YUNQUE!!!!!!!Why do you think that the native parrots disappeared all of a sudden from the BIGGEST tropical Rain Forest in the islands????That means they are still "covering up" the TRUTH!!!!LET IT BE KNOWN TO THE CONGRESSMEN AND THE PUBLIC.

  9. I will be watchful!If I need your approval to post a commentary of the use of Agent Orange all over the island of Puerto Rico at the very beginning 1960-1963 then you are not a trusted place to post ANYTHING!

  10. Cotton`s owner used agent orange throught Mississippi in the 60`s to make leaves fall of cotton`s plants

  11. What about civilians? I was poisoned on Kauai when I was 14-16. Now I'm 59. Been deathly ill all these years.

  12. was on ft gordon as a kid in 1967 along with mother and five other brother and sisters. mother died 16 years later in 1983 of IHD today I have three of the sickness plus a paid vacation in vietnam. the real american dream

  13. 1967 in Korea 2-3:00 in the morning ouside our barricks windows i woke up and someone spraying outside the windows you could see the mist come in and everyone was mumbleling in their sleep. A follow G.I. woke up. His nic name was Bear.