Thursday, March 4, 2010

Solving the Agent Orange Problem!

Pelosi, McCain, Kerry, Burton All Step Forward in Support of the Agent Orange Bill
(LITTLETON, Co.) - In a historically unprecedented show of bipartisanship and solidarity in support of the veterans of this great country, key figures in both chambers of Congress stepped forward to give their support to the Agent Orange legislation.

Speaking forcefully, Senator John McCain referred to his brothers in arms, saying "Those who so nobly served our country and their families have been patient long enough. This should not be a political debate. They deserve answers. They deserve action."

Hoping to quell any division of Congress on this issue, McCain went on to say, "I believe this is a fair and equitable approach to deal with the controversy that surrounds Agent Orange. For too long, much too long, the Government's response to Agent Orange has been based on opinion, perhaps even politics, but certainly not on facts... Our Vietnam veterans served our Nation with dignity and honor..... In spite of the risks, they answered our country's call to fight. It is time we settle the controversy over Agent Orange once and for all."


  1. Hi, I am not a member of VVA but would join. What is going on? The above post seems to sugges that the entire Agent ORange program is in jeopardy. I have forty % VA disability for prostate cancer---is that in jeopardy? I have severe ischemic hear disease including 2 tripple by pases, angiplasty, separate heart attack, an implanted defibilator/pacer and now diagnosed with congestive heart failure---reading from many sources, I thought that I would be able to apply and receive disability rating for this latter which is entirely different from the 100% I now have which includes IU; IU has been under some attack because of age and I am 82---I thought the ischemic heart disease might replace the IU if necessary. In 16 days I will have commpleted 1 years on 100% disability. Now, all of a sudden, what I am reading the last few days scares the living heck out of me. Please bring me up todate. Thanks and Semper Fi Ben

  2. My husband got lung cancer attributed to Agent Orange in June of 1996. He died June 1, 1997. My children were told that there was an agent orange law suit but we were too late. If people are still dying of Agent Orange cancer, it should not be too late.