Thursday, August 5, 2021

5 High-Paying Career Fields for Recently Separated Combat Arms Veterans


There are a lot of benefits to military service, and the first among them is job training that can translate to a real-world career after leaving the military. The trouble with that particular benefit is that some military careers don’t always have a direct civilian counterpart.

Infantry and combat arms veterans really don’t find careers that closely resemble what they did in the military. This experience isn’t wasted by any means. They still gain work experience and the soft skills that come with an infantry career. These skills are highly desired by civilian employers and include teamwork, demonstrable leadership and the ability to follow instructions, among many others. Combat arms personnel excel at those things.

When considering a post-military career, many veterans have a clearer understanding of where to go in their careers. Combat arms personnel may feel a little lost in finding the next step. The good news is that the world is actually wide open. The U.S. Census Bureau recently compiled data that points to great careers offering high starting salaries for these kinds of veterans.

1. Scientific and Technical Services

2. Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction

3. Utilities

4. Educational Services

5. Public Administration


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