Friday, August 7, 2020

Agent Orange Day, August 10th

It marks the day in 1961 when the U.S. began aerial spraying of toxic herbicides over Vietnam. This year, Agent Orange Day will take on a special significance as it marks the 50th anniversary of that fateful day.
In honor of those who have been affected by Agent Orange, we are calling on concerned individuals across the world to post the Agent Orange Badge to their Facebook walls and change their profile pictures. Together we can raise awareness of this tragic legacy and send a powerful message: You are not alone.
Stand with the men, women and children affected by Agent Orange: Post the Agent Orange Badge and change your Facebook profile picture

Millions of people in Vietnam, the United States and other countries continue to suffer from the effects of Agent Orange. This is a chance for diverse communities – from American veterans, to young Vietnamese, to family members of those whose lives were lost – to come together in support of all those who continue to suffer from the effects of Agent Orange.
Our goal is 1000 badges posted by Agent Orange Day. Help us get there by posting the Agent Orange Badge today » 
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