Monday, May 4, 2020

Vietnam Lifts Quarantine Restrictions As No Deaths Are Reported

Now let's head to Vietnam, where the coronavirus lockdown is easing. Restaurants and some other businesses are opening, though most schools remain closed. The Southeast Asian nation has just 270 confirmed cases and no deaths. Mass quarantine and aggressive contact tracing have helped convince authorities it's time to ease restrictions. Michael Sullivan reports.
MICHAEL SULLIVAN, BYLINE: Vietnam has fought and beaten many aggressors in the last thousand years or so - the Chinese, the French and, of course, the Americans. And it's couched its response to the coronavirus in military terms as well, calling it the spring offensive of 2020.
SULLIVAN: If Vietnam and its people are united, Vietnam can win against the pandemic, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said earlier this month. If fighting COVID-19 has been a war, then we have won battles, he said, but not the entire war.
SULLIVAN: It's early morning in central Hanoi, and hundreds stand waiting for handouts at one of the so-called rice ATMs, which have sprouted in the country's big cities. Most wait patiently. One even sings as she waits. The delivery system is simple. A plastic pipe sticking out of a makeshift panel pours about six pounds of rice into each person's bag.

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