Thursday, October 17, 2019

Why Lane Evans’ legacy still matters today

My friend and mentor Lane Evans died almost five years ago. He left Congress, due to Parkinson’s disease, seven years before that. Yet, in many ways, Lane was a man ahead of his time.
To confront many of today’s challenges, we might look to Lane’s example. That’s why I and a number of other leaders who were close to Lane will be commemorating his legacy at Augustana College on Saturday, Oct. 19 from 1-4 p.m. The Lane Evans “Election 2020: Putting People First” forum will highlight many of the ideals Lane stood for years ahead of his time that are urgently needed now.
One of our country’s biggest challenges today is income inequality -- the large and growing gap between the wealthiest few and the rest of us. For 24 years in Congress, Lane was a steadfast champion of working families and the hard-pressed middle-class. He opposed efforts to weaken unions, which fight for better wages and working conditions for all Americans. And he stood up against repeated attempts to undermine Social Security and Medicare -- critical programs that provide seniors with the dignity and security they deserve.
Lane also recognized, before many others, that clean air and water are essential to our future and he voted consistently to protect our natural environment from harm. Today, as we face the growing effects of climate change, such as rising oceans and catastrophic storms, we could learn from Lane’s example of making the environment a priority -- even in tough economic times.

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