Monday, October 7, 2019

Soldiers were exposed at Fort Gordon. Their kids and grandkids could be affected too.

FORT GORDON, GA (WRDW/WAGT) – Almost a decade ago, we uncovered the U.S. Army sprayed Agent Orange at Fort Gordon, exposing soldiers to the dangerous toxin.
We’re also learning others that were never even born yet could have been exposed.
What happened in Vietnam has never been black and white. The war is painted in so many shades of gray, and there's a lot of muddy water.
Then, there are the colors: the lush green jungles, the red bloodshed, and a chemical known as Agent Orange.
We first introduced you to James Cripps almost a decade ago after he became the very first person to prove to the government he was exposed to Agent Orange not in Vietnam -- but in the U.S. at Fort Gordon.
"At the time, I thought I was 6 or 7,000 miles away from Agent Orange,” Cripps said in an interview with News 12 in November of 2010. A map obtained by News 12 through a Freedom of Information Act request proves he wasn't.
The map shows where the government tested agents Blue, Orange, and White in Augusta from January 1967 through December 1969.

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