Monday, June 10, 2019

Maude DeVictor

Maude Esther Elmore-DeVictor, 79 of San Mateo, CA passed away peacefully on Sunday, May 12, 2019.
Born March 24, 1940 in Lovejoy, Illinois, she was the birth daughter of the late Mary V. King-Glass and the adopted daughter of the late John T. Elmore and Earlie M. Elmore.
She is survived by her son Vincent DeVictor and his wife Monica of San Mateo, CA.
A Navy veteran, she went on to careers in the U.S. Postal Service, the Veteran's Administration, San Mateo County Deputy Public Guardian, Drug Rehabilitation Counselor, Investigator for the Chicago Dept. of Child and Family Services and finally working 30 years for the U.S. Census Bureau, up until the onset of her illness.
Known as the "Mother of Agent Orange", when employed as a Veteran's Benefits Counselor for the V.A. in Chicago, she investigated and made public the link between the use of the defoliant Agent Orange in the Vietnam War and its effect on the veterans that served there. This resulted in forcing the V.A. into changing its policies to include exposure to Agent Orange as a service related illness/disability. She received many accolades for her courageous and determined actions, including the American Legion Unsung Heroine Award. In 1986 the movie "Unnatural Causes" starring John Ritter and Alfre Woodard debuted, chronicling these events of her life.
Guided by her Buddhist faith and always an activist, Maude volunteered for many community programs throughout her life. Her favorites included, U.N. Election Observer in Nicaragua, Library Commissioner for the City of Richmond, CA, a reading mentor for disadvantaged children and election poll worker.
Her lists of accomplishments were not ones that necessarily benefited her in this lifetime but they were ones that benefited her community and the world.
Memorial Services will be conducted at 1:00pm, June 15, 2019 at Nichiren Shoshu Myoshinji Temple, 2631 Appian Way, Pinole, CA 95464.
In lieu of flowers the family respectfully requests donations be made to the charity of the givers choice in memory of Maude Elmore-DeVictor.


  1. A true Veteran who helped all!!

  2. To: Congressman Mike Levin
    C/O Cindy

    First of all we want to thank you Mike, for your efforts in extending "Agent Orange Coverage" to Blue Water Navy Veterans with your recent legislation.

    Maude DeVictor Agent Orange Whistleblower

    All U.S. military personnel owe Maude DeVictor a deep amount of gratitude for being the "Agent Orange Whistleblower" in the VA Chicago regional office in 1977. In 1977 Maude filed the first claim for a 24 year service member Charles Owens, who questioned the chemicals he was exposed to in Viet Nam. All Agent Orange legislation has emanated from the initial work and tireless efforts of Maude DeVictor. After working eight years for the VA Maude was fired and she always believed it was the result of her being a whistleblower.

    Maude has received some accolades and even had documentary and commercial movies made about her and her connection to the Agent Orange problem. But, these items do not reflect the level of recognition that Maude deserved during her life. In March of this year my wife, Sharon Bonino wrote your office regarding the plight of Maude DeVictor and her struggles in life since her heroic efforts for our Veterans. Unfortunately, Maude passed away on Mother's day without the full recognition from congress that she deserved. Maude does leave us with a large reservoir of her life's work in the form of everything from her notes to scrapbooks. These document the enormous effort to gain acknowledgement from our government that Agent Orange destroyed many Veterans lives and continues to do so to this day and beyond.

    Mike, my wife and I are asking on behalf of our family (Maude's son is married to my niece) , for essentially two requests from your office.

    1. Please lead a Congressional effort to give Maude DeVictor the highest form of recognition that can be bestowed on her by our government.

    2. Please advise and lead an effort to preserve, curate and make accessible to academics, historians, lawmakers and the public all of her archival resources so that they may be of the greatest use to our country.

    Please acknowledge how single individuals can make a difference in this world and help us with these two requests.
    I have provided some links for background on this matter below.

    Thank you sincerely,

    In Honor of Maude DeVictor
    Waiting for an Army to Die

    There are numerous more articles available, but what we need now is full congressional acknowledgement of Maude's importance and an appropriate place for her archives to reside.