Saturday, June 1, 2019

Birth Defect Research for Children

The National Birth Defect Registry is a comprehensive data collection project designed to help answer parents’ question “why my child”?  The Registry was designed with a team of prominent scientists.  Data are collected through an on-line portal that gathers information about all kinds of birth defects, both structural and functional.  The questionnaire also asks about maternal and paternal health, genetic and exposure histories and has two special sections that collect on military exposures in Vietnam and during the Gulf War.
Dr. Jessica Puzzuoli joins BDRC's Scientific Advisory board.
Jessica C. Puzzuoli, PhD, CT (ASCP) has joined BDRC's Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Puzzouli is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Statistics and Epidemiology at New York Medical College.  She graduated summa cum laude from CUNY-Lehman College with BA in Biochemistry and received her PhD in Experimental Pathology from New York Medical College.
Dr. Puzzouli will assist Birth Defect Research for Children in the evaluation of studies of birth defects and exposures.

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