Saturday, March 23, 2019

VA MISSION Act: What is the latest on community care?

Note: This article is the second in a series on VA’s progress implementing the VA MISSION Act of 2018.
Last June, President Trump signed landmark legislation, known as the VA MISSION Act of 2018, that makes dramatic improvements to how Veterans receive community care—health care provided outside of VA. VA’s goal is to give Veterans greater choice over their health care, allowing VA to deliver world-class, seamless customer service either through a VA facility or community provider.
While the law affects many other VA programs, the changes to community care are among the most complex and far-reaching in recent history. After the legislation was enacted, VA immediately began taking the steps needed to implement the vast changes required.
Tobacco Smoke Enema Kit (1750s–1810s).
The tobacco enema was used to infuse tobacco smoke into a patient's rectum for various medical purposes, but primarily the resuscitation of drowning victims.
A rectal tube inserted into the anus was connected to a fumigator and bellows that forced the smoke
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Doubts about the credibility of tobacco enemas led to the popular phrase "blowing smoke up your ass." 
This tool is still employed by the United States Government.

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