Saturday, March 16, 2019

Extending Benefits for Veterans

A veteran’s advocacy group is urging Congress to provide additional VA health benefits to veterans who may have been exposed to toxic chemicals while serving in Guam and American Samoa.
Eyewitness News Washington Correspondent Mark Meredith with why some say the effort is long overdue.
Sheila Kilpatrick’s husband Lonnie died of cancer last year.
She says his poor health stemmed from exposure to toxic chemicals, like agent orange, while he served in Guam in the 1970s.
"We know this was due to the herbicides that were sprayed on Guam, we know that we witnessed the spraying" Said Kilpatrick.      
The Kilpatrick family says they faced pushback from the VA over efforts to get additional health benefits.
Two congressmen call that unacceptable.
"Four decades is far too long, we can't wait any longer, our veterans are heroes," Said Florida Representative Gus Bilirakis.

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