Monday, February 11, 2019

The Fine for Scamming U.S. Veterans Out of Their Pensions Is Now $1

There's all kinds of nonsense going on in the federal government right now because that's the way the folks at Camp Runamuck want things to be. The agencies that haven't been gutted or deliberately understaffed are working in Bizarro World where
they are doing the exact opposite of what they were designed to do. First among these is the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, Senator Professor Warren's brainchild that was designed to claw back the ill-gotten gains of big banks and credit-card companies. That agency, of course, has been repurposed to swindle the people it was designed to help.
A dollar. It's the Duke Brothers philosophy of criminal justice reform. Try it yourself next time you go to traffic court. Tell the judge you can't afford the fine for going 80 in a 40. See how well it works.
On websites he operated, Mark Corbett marketed a deal for veterans with retiree or disability pensions. He set them up with offers from the Doe companies to purchase some or all of those future pension payments in exchange for a lump sum. Veterans would then use an online portal to redirect pension payments to a bank account controlled by one of the Doe companies. If veterans only sold part of their pension, the Doe companies would reimburse a portion of the payment every month. This was virtually the only source of the Doe companies’ consumer-side business revenue. It’s also completely illegal.

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