Thursday, August 23, 2018

National guardsman’s widow speaks out

PORTSMOUTH -- Kendall Brock served 35 years with the 157th Air Refueling Wing of the National Guard at the former Pease Air Force Base before retiring.
In 2015, the retired chief master sergeant was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder and prostate cancer, his wife, Doris Brock, said in a recent interview.
“His doctor, his specialist, thought he had been exposed to Agent Orange and Kendall was never in Vietnam,” Doris said. “So that kind of raised some questions because he told us that the kind of cancer he had was very, very consistent with what he has seen with Agent Orange victims.”
By the time her husband was diagnosed, “there wasn’t anything we could do,” Doris said.
“He was given three to five years and he only lived two,” she said.
Kendall died June 30, 2017, at age 67.
Before his death, Doris had to watch her husband of 46 years go through agonizing chemotherapy treatments during the final two years of his life.
“That first treatment, it was a killer, it really was,” she said. “I watched him just deteriorate in a very short period of time. On his second treatment ... four weeks later he was so weak and so debilitated he had difficulty walking. We had to take him for hydration every day at the hospital. He couldn’t keep anything down and you just watched him melt away and that was really tough.”

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