Friday, September 30, 2016

Building Bridges: Bringing Anxiety Treatments to Children and Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder

We invite you to attend this free webinar and help spread the word to all those who might be interested.
This webinar series is intended for the general public, but mental health professionals are more than welcome to attend (sorry, no CE).
About this webinar: Live 45-minute presentation, followed by a brief Q&A session. No fees, no phone. Just log in and turn up the speakers on your computer. Then watch, ask questions, and learn.
Dr. Becky Hammett will discuss anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, and children. She has more than two decades of experience working with children and adolescents, and she has worked mostly with young people who have anxiety disorders.
Becky Hammett, PsyD
Founder of the Child Anxiety Center
St. Paul, Minnesota
Clinicians and other mental health professionals are welcome to attend, but we cannot offer CE. This webinar series is intended for the general public.

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