Thursday, September 29, 2016

Act NOW contact your Senator in support of S.2921, the Veterans First Act

Your Senators and Members of Congress have but a few more days before they recess until after November 8th, Election Day. Yet it is critical that your Senators are given the opportunity by leadership for an up-or-down vote on S. 2921, the Veterans First Act.
This bill, fathered by Senator Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia), passed unanimously in the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, which he chairs. It embraces several provisions -- several very important provisions -- for veterans and our families, including the expansion of the caregiver program in the VA, funding to enable the VA to move forward expeditiously on fulfilling its obligations to assist homeless veterans at the West Los Angeles VAMC campus, and funding to enable the VA to enter into leasing agreements for several much needed community-based outpatient clinics, or CBOCs.
Most important, however, is that S. 2921 contains the Toxic Exposure Research Act (S. 901). Passage of this bill is VVA's highest legislative priority, not for us but for our children and their children. We need research to connect, to indicate a positive association, between a father or mother's exposure to toxic substances while in uniform and health conditions -- birth defects, cancers, learning disabilities -- in our offspring.
It's critically important we get this bill enacted NOW.
44 Senators have cosponsored the bill.



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