Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ruling finds South Korean soldiers along DMZ suffered Agent Orange exposure

For decades the South Korean government has claimed that Agent Orange was used only in two divisions

After fifty years of mystery, cases of Agent Orange exposure among South Korean soldiers working near the armistice line have been confirmed. Oh Dong-ju, a 69-year-old reserve sergeant major, won an administrative lawsuit in Daejeon District Court on July 7. The case had been filed against the Army Chief of Staff to demand the overturning of a decision declaring his duties not to have been in a region where Agent Orange had been used. It was the first ruling to dispute the military’s official claim that Agent Orange was only used in US 2nd Infantry Division and ROK Army 21st Infantry Division regions in 1967 and acknowledge that exposure may have occurred in other units. An estimated 150,000 troops in ten infantry divisions would have been exposed to Agent Orange while working at the armistice line in late 1967 like Oh.

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