Monday, August 29, 2016

It may be time to review your medical records

Nowadays it seems like pretty much everything can kill you. Don’t smoke, don’t eat fast food, don’t drink alcohol or you’ll die an early, agonizing death.
Personally, I intend on going down like my idol — George Burns — drinking whiskey and smoking cigars when I’m 100 and laughing at the poor people who still died young while never actually enjoying life. But with all the things I get to report on, my concerns for my health and well-being tend not to revolve around the more accepted cancer-causing vices.
In the Vietnam era, our veterans developed some major health issues because of the use of Agent Orange. My wife’s uncle died from the long-term health effects caused by Agent Orange, and all the Vietnam veterans I know who were exposed have serious health issues because of it.
For some of us slightly younger guys, the next big concern was the forced application of anthrax shots. Quite a few veterans developed symptoms of what was labeled Gulf War Syndrome, a medical condition causing fatigue, chronic headaches and skin and respiratory disorders. Some of the long-term side effects of the anthrax shot series are very similar.

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