Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dioxins at pole plant in Butte still a threat to human health

The Montana Pole Plant is currently undergoing a Five Year Review that evaluates the protectiveness of the EPA/MDEQ (Montana Department of Environmental Quality) remedy at the site. If this review comes as a surprise to you it’s because MDEQ has done virtually nothing to publicize the review.
The Pole Plant site has been referred to as the “forgotten” Superfund site in Butte because it doesn’t get the attention of the Pit or the Parrot Tailings. In many ways it is the most dangerous site because of the presence of deadly dioxin for which there are no safe exposure limits.
Contrary to the assertions of MDEQ and EPA, dioxin at the Montana Pole Plant still presents a significant, unresolved threat to human health and the environment. Until this problem is corrected, Silver Bow Creek cannot be fully restored and talk of future land use at the site is premature.

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