Monday, April 6, 2015

North Dakota Agent Orange Relief

Sen. Richard Marcellais, D-Belcourt, has been donning his orange blazer and matching loafers to bring attention to the need for more funding to Vietnam veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange.
Marcellais, a Vietnam veteran, says there are about 15,000 other Vietnam veterans living in North Dakota, and many of them may have been exposed to the defoliant that was sprayed over the jungle from U.S. planes from 1962 to 1971 to strip away cover for the North Vietnamese.
Marcellais is the prime sponsor of a bill that would provide funding to help identify and provide services Vietnam veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange.
The bill originally asked for $100,000 in funding over the next two years. The House cut the sum to $50,000, while the Senate wants $75,000.
The final amount is slated to be negotiated by both chambers this week.

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