Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pass into law HR 411: The Fort McClellan Toxic Exposure Health Registry. We who are the sick and dying NEED YOUR HELP!

From 1935 to 1999 Fort McClellan was a very toxic base. Military and civilians were exposed to a chemical soup comprised of: Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Sarin, VX, uranium, and PCBs from the Monsanto plant.
There were approximately 650,000 soldiers who were trained and stationed at Fort McClellan and many of them are ill with the same illnesses...a coincidence.....probably not. The EPA closed Fort McClellan in 1999; Monsanto settled a 700 million dollar claim with Anniston, Alabama (where Fort McClellan is located) and there has been no settlement thus far with of the Fort Mac Survivors---the ones exposed to all these chemicals. .... any there are thousands of vets who do not even know about the fact they were exposed to these chemicals.
We need HR 411 passed ... WITH NO MORE DELAY!!!!!

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