Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Institute of Medicine - we need experts' letters of support, or interpretation

from Wes Carter, C-123 Veterans Association

Portland's The Oregonian newspaper posted a hard copy of the complete Environmental Research article about C-123 exposures. The article details the exposure to TCDD by aircrew and maintenance personnel during the decade 1972-1982.
PLEASE: If you have scientists or physician educators who can offer expert comment on this, get them involved. We need support for this article, and for our exposures, before the June 18 Institute of Medicine workshop. As far as I can tell, this is the only juried article.
Against it, VA will use Al Young's C-123 study and the AF Consultative Letter. Neither was juried, and Young's was a simple review of his own conclusions, not new work. The AF Consultative Letter was partly authored by the lead researcher (Lurker) on the Environmental Research piece, showing he did not agree with what the AF did with their science.

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