Saturday, April 26, 2014

Contaminated soil in Wildwood being transported to Oklahoma

Contaminated soil in Wildwood has the EPA transporting large volumes of it to another state.
Hundreds of tons of dioxin laced soil are being dug up, placed into special containers, and hauled to an approved landfill in Oklahoma.
The property sits next to a former superfund cleanup site. Three years ago a developer wanted to build some homes on the property next to the Ellisville-Bliss superfund site where dioxin was dumped and a cleanup was finished in 1996. However, nearby residents and the city insisted on testing the soil. As a result, the EPA found elevated levels of dioxin in a portion of the planned development that was set aside for greenspace.
The EPA is halfway through the soil removal. Workers are taking precautionary steps to ensure the soil stays contained during the move

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