Wednesday, March 26, 2014

C-123 Veterans File Freedom of Information Act Complaints for Injunctions

Acting on our behalf, the Washington DC law firm of  Davis Wright Tremaine LLP tomorrow will file complaints for injunctive relief for violations of the Freedom of Information Act with both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of the Air Force.
These actions are carefully considered and submitted only after months and years of efforts to gain the release of unclassified documentation, not protected by privacy concerns nor any other excuse. 
Focused on the exposure claims of C-123 veterans, we sought essential documentation to understand the Air Force 2012 C-123 report, and the stance taken by the VA prohibiting our veterans' exposure disability claims.
It would be nice to immediately have the agencies provide the requested materials in sudden respect of our rights under the Freedom of Information Act. That's unlikely but perhaps some conversation might ensue.
In any case, we will soon have in hand official documentation vital to proving our case before the VA.
Wes Carter

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