Friday, May 10, 2013

Superfund issues stick around
Butte is ill-served by the EPA's and Montana Department of Environmental Quality's (DEQ) Superfund cleanup. Apart from these agencies allowing potentially harmful tailings dust to blow around town, serious Superfund problems still plague Butte.
Because surface water, groundwater, soils and sediments at the Pole Plant are contaminated with highly toxic dioxins, the Pole Plant is one of the most dangerous of Butte Superfund sites. Sadly, the Pole Plant cleanup isn't working.
Dioxin poses a serious human health threat. There are no safe levels of exposure to dioxin. (EPA) Dioxin has been referred to as the "most toxic chemical known." (Hazardous Waste in America, Epstein, et. al.) Lethal effects of dioxin can be seen at very low exposure levels-a millionth of a gram can kill lab animals. Dioxin causes serious cancerous and non-cancerous health effects. (World Health Organization) The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences states that the "dangers of dioxin last for decades after initial exposure."

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