Friday, May 31, 2013

AGENT ORANGE MAN (Better Living Through Chemistry)

New song illustrates the frustrating plight of despair for those unfortunate enough to be poisoned by their own government during the Vietnam War.

(DA NANG Vietnam) - The song "AGENT ORANGE MAN (Better Living Through Chemistry)" is Recorded by Michael Gram (Former LHI Records Recording Artist). It tells the story of the Chemical Poisoning of Military Veterans and the environment both in Vietnam and here in the United States of America.
The producer and song writer Michael Glasser is a 100% disabled veteran who never served in Vietnam but was exposed to Agent Orange amongst several other carcinogenic chemicals at Chanute AFB in Rantoul, Illinois back in 1962-1964.
The EPA'S own website {see link below} tells a fighting story that an Air Force base closed in 1993 is and was a TOXIC Superfund site which the US Government has not even started to clean up after twenty years since it's closure.
For a frightening fact check go to the EPA'S website:
from our friend Chuck Palazzo, in DaNang


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