Monday, October 22, 2012

Fera presentation at Dioxin 2012
Fera scientist Martin Rose recently gave a presentation and chaired a session titled ‘persistant organic pollutants in food and feed’ at this year’s Dioxin 2012 Conference in Cairns, Australia.  The Symposium provides an interdisciplinary forum for communicating scientific advances and emerging issues of concern to the environment and human health.  These presentations demonstrate Fera’s expertise as a world leading laboratory in the area of dioxins analysis, in particular in developing work on new and emerging contaminants.
Martin’s presentation focussed on Fera’s work on the impact of river flooding on beef farms.  In addition to this, there were also presentations which highlighted Fera collaborations.  One was given by the international organising committee of a conference series on brominated flame retardants (BFRs) – this focussed on abbreviation standards.  Another by the Food Standards Agency covered dioxins in matched sheep liver and muscle, and the final involved the network of European National Reference Laboratories focussing on quality criteria for GCMSMS screening methods in the EURL-NRL network.

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