Monday, October 1, 2012

A de-facto admission of Agent Orange guilt

by Dr. Wayne Dwernechuk is an environmental scientist in British Columbia, Canada. 
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On September 24 the US Embassy in Hanoi issued a press release titled “VietnamUS Joint Advisory
Committee [JAC] Highlights Bilateral Cooperation on Agent Orange.”
This group has met annually since 2006 to provide scientific advice to the governments of Vietnam and the US on dioxin cleanup strategies for former US military bases in Vietnam, and research involving human health issues related to Agent Orange/Dioxin (AO/dioxin) exposure.
Two statements attributed in the press release to US Ambassador to Vietnam, David B. Shear, provide hints of a possible policy shift in the US’s view on the relationship between AO/dioxin and resulting health consequences for Vietnamese people exposed to this toxicant.

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