Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Secretary Clinton Visits Vietnam

Thanks to former Marine and Danang resident Chuck Palazzo
During her remarks following her visit with Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh the topic of Agent Orange came up a few times. First in her remarks Secretary Clinton noted “as the Minister and I discussed, we continued to address legacy issues such as Agent Orange, unexploded ordnance, and accounting for those missing in action as well.”
During one of the reporter’s questions regarding Agent Orange Secretary Clinton replied: “As we discussed, I have worked very hard to make sure that the United States is addressing the Agent Orange issue. It is a legacy issue that we are – we remain concerned about, and we have increased our financial commitment to dealing with it. The Minister and I discussed consulting on having a long-term plan so that we can look not just from year to year, but into the future to try to determine the steps that we can both take. The Minister also mentioned the idea of getting the private sector involved in remediation efforts, and we will certainly explore that as part of this ongoing discussion.”
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