Thursday, July 19, 2012


If I was exposed to Agent Orange and have Parkinson’s Disease, what benefits can I receive?
Veterans exposed to Agent Orange during military service may be eligible for:
- Agent Orange Registry health exam
- Health care benefits
- Disability compensation
Vietnam Veterans with Parkinson’s Disease or other diseases associated with Agent Orange may claim these benefits without having to prove that their conditions are connected to Agent Orange exposure.

What is the scientific basis for the connection between Agent Orange and Parkinson’s Disease?
Many studies have looked at risk factors for developing Parkinson's disease and found that exposure to pesticides increases the risk. There are few studies investigating the occurrence of Parkinson's disease in Vietnam Veterans, or testing the specific chemical components of Agent Orange. However, the available evidence guided an Institute of Medicine panel to find "suggestive but limited" evidence of an elevated risk of Parkinson’s disease in those exposed to Agent Orange. Therefore, the Department of Veterans Affairs made Parkinson’s disease a service connected condition for those exposed to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam.

Agent Orange Fast Track Claims Processing System:

Parkinson’s Disease Research Education and Clinical Centers (PADRECC)

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