Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Former pastor accuses Fort Detrick of causing nearby residents’ cancers

White said he thinks he could go to jail for disclosing communications with Fort Detrick officials
by Katherine Heerbrandt, Staff Writer

A former Florida pastor who blames Fort Detrick for causing his daughter and ex-wife’s fatal cancers told a group Saturday he could wind up in jail for his efforts to ferret the truth from Detrick officials.

As part of a package distributed to the media, Randy White, a native of Frederick, included a recording he made of a meeting last summer between his representatives and Detrick officials, moderated by Dr. Barbara Brookmyer, health officer for the Frederick County Health Department.

Gary Zolyak, an attorney for the fort, was at the meeting, which he said was to exchange ideas on how to handle White’s allegations that Fort Detrick’s actions have caused environmental cancers in hundreds of people who live near it.

“Randy [White] had a laptop open during the meeting. We told him that we do not consent to having [the meeting] recorded, and he assured us he would not,” Zolyak said in an interview Monday.

White denied that his group was asked to refrain from recording the meeting.


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