Tuesday, September 20, 2011

book review; "Scorched Earth" by Fred Wilcox

In the past thirty three years I have read every book published on the tragedy of Agent Orange and dioxin. Beyond a doubt, "Scorched Earth" written by Fred Wilcox is one of the most informative works of truth released on the market. This expose is published by Seven Stories Press and released in September. 2011. For most people, who have little knowledge on the devastating affects on dioxin thanks to the suppression by industry, this book is a valuable work of truth that can be disseminated to the world.

Although I was logically aware of the fact that North Vietnamese were exposed to Agent Orange and dioxin while fighting in the south, the magnitude of the problem is just now becoming an issue for human dialogue. Wilcox points out that Dr. Ton That Tung illuminated the fact that North Vietnamese woman were never exposed to dioxin while living in the north during the war. I have some of Dr. Tung's studies and they have been reviewed by some of the most eminent scientists in the United Stated. The striking observation is that the birth defects experienced by the families of North Vietnamese soldiers could not have come from the exposure of females. THEREFORE, the defects must have been male mediated. Also, many of the North Vietnamese birth defects are the same anomalies experienced by American soldiers. Hopefully, Wilcox just opened up Pandora’s Box.

One of the many interesting points of "Scorched Earth" is that Judge Weinstein went out of his way to assume that the U.S. Government knew about the poison dioxin which as a byproduct of Agent Orange. Judge Weinstein knew that by alleging the knowledge of dioxin to the U.S. Government the defendant chemical companies could evade liability by the Government Contractor Defense. Is it any wonder that that the Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York is known as the "Wall Street Court"? Also, why was the original judge in the Agent Orange case removed by promotion to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals? (Judge George C. Pratt). Perhaps this move paved the way for Weinstein to unleash his own far fetched theories on tort liability in the industrial age. When Weinstein said that the U.S. Government knew about dioxin, why was the Government going to build their own Agent Orange facility at Weldon Springs, Missouri. Wilcox illuminates this irony.

I would recommend "Scorched Earth" for anyone to read; but, particularly for those who have little knowledge on the toxic affects of Agent Orange and dioxin. This book is the best handbook ever written on Agent Orange and dioxin. It could be utilized as a primer on the subject and it must be disseminated through out the world. People must not be misled by propaganda when their friends and neighbors are dying from dioxin poisoning.

Faithfully submitted

George Claxton, Chair Emeritus
National Agent Orange/Dioxin Committee
Vietnam Veterans of America

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