Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looking for Help

I am also a victim of Agent Orange from Canada, I was stationed at CFB Gagetown New Brunswick in 1967, and at fifty seven years found out I had prostate Cancer. Their is a good chance that it was a result of service at CFB Gagetown.
I am looking for information on the actual spraying dates in 1967.
From the Canadian records it states that spraying took place on the 21-24 of June 1967.
However I have a document from Fort Detrick which states spraying was delayed for seven ( 7 ) days due to weather conditions.
Does any one have any info on the dates to confirm or dispute the dates.
My information is that a company by the name of Okanagan Copters Ltd out of Vancouver British Columbia did the spraying with a Bell G-2 Helicopter.

Paul LeCouffe
Regina Saskatchewan

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  1. Hello Paul,

    I sent your e-mail to Kelly Franklin. If anyone can help you it will be him. He is a exceptional researcher on the chemical sprayings of Code Names Agent Orange, Purple & White. I will continue to go through my research information for you as well. Good Luck

    Carol Brown Parker
    Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc. aka (AOAC Inc.)
    Head Office Westfield N.B. 506-757-2266
    For information on the Chemical Spraying of
    CFB Gagetown & Surrounding Areas refer to