Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Genotoxic damage in humans by dioxin like poisons

from George Claxton

Industry and the US Government have denied that Agent Orange or dioxins cause any genetic damage in humans because genetic damage could lead to cancer and other disorders. Any mention of genetic damage by poisons sends fear in peoples minds. Although this TOTAL denial is still taking place, I would like to give you examples of the real truth.

1. "Frequency of SCEs in Japanese infants exposed to dioxins and PCBs through the breast milk". Published in the journal "Fukuoka Igaku Zasshi", vol 94 (5), p. 158-165, 2003. The authors stated the following conclusion: "THEREFORE, EXPOSURE TO DIOXINS THROUGH THE BREAST MILK SEEMED TO ELICIT SOME GENOTOXIC OR CLASTOGENIC EFFECTS ON JAPANESE GENERAL INFANTS POSTNATAL OF AROUND TEN MONTHS". The authors were J. Nagayama, et al from Kyushu University.

2. "Chromosomal aberrations, micronuclei and nuclear buds induced in human lymphocytes by 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid pesticide formulation". Published in the journal "Toxicology", vol 200 (1), p. 39-47, 2004. The authors stated the following conclusion:" BOTH CONCENTRATIONS OF PESTICIDE CAUSED AN INCREASE IN CHROMATID AND CHROMOSOME BREAKS, NUMBER OF MICRONUCLEI AND NUMBER OF NUCLEAR BUDS. PRESENCE OF THE S9 MIX ADDITIONALLY ELEVATED THE NUMBER OF CHROMATID BREAKS AND MICRINUCLEI IN TREATED LYMPHOCYTES" The authors were Davor Zeljezic, et al from the Institute of Medicine in Zagreb, Croatia.

I have hundreds of more studies on genetic damage and they tend to prove a missing link in cancer causation.

Incidentally, 2,4-D is still on the market across the world.

Faithfully submitted,

George Claxton

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