Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Toxic Legacy: Healing from Agent Orange


Thirty-five years ago the war in Vietnam came to an abrupt end, yet for millions of Vietnamese soldiers and citizens and for thousands of American veterans and their descendants, a legacy of diseases, disabilities, and unexplained symptoms echo down the decades. During the war, some 4.5 million Vietnamese were exposed to highly toxic dioxins sprayed by the American military. Today we’ll hear from a range of individuals from varied sectors and backgrounds who’ve gathered together in support of a ten-year plan of action to clean up toxic hotspots in Vietnam and expand humanitarian services to people with disabilities as a result of exposure to Agent Orange dioxins.

This program was funded by the Agent Orange in Vietnam Information Initiative.

Susan Berresford, Convener, U.S. -Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin; Former President, Ford Foundation

Charles Bailey, Director, Special Initiative on Agent Orange, Ford Foundation

Rick Weidman, Director, Government Relations, Vietnam Veterans of America

Mary Dolan-Hogrefe, Director of Public Policy, National Organization on Disability

Bob Edgar, President and CEO, Common Cause

De Tran, Journalist, Editor, VTimes

Read more and listen to the program at: http://aworldofpossibilities.org/program/toxic-legacy-healing-from-agent-orange

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