Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Petrosky's

Pete Petrosky and his wife had planned on having a large family. They talked about it before getting married. At least five kids, they agreed, a house full of kids. They stopped after two daughters.
“I was not going to bring anyone else into this world,” Pete said. “We wanted to have a large family. But after those two kids came, I said something’s wrong. There’s either something wrong with me or something wrong with you [his wife], because we have no history of anything like this in either of our families.”
Those “two kids” who came were his daughters, Lisa and Kimberly. Lisa was born with some kind of “soft tissue” growth covering the roof of her mouth. He remembers trying to get more information from doctors, but it never went beyond “a soft tissue growth.” Whatever it was, it did not belong there.
Kimberly, his second daughter, was born with a cleft lip that would evolve into even more serious health issues and a long history of surgeries. At one point in her young life, she nearly died and would have done so had not the Petroskys rushed her to an emergency room.
Pete believes he knows what caused the birth defects—Agent Orange, and it has shadowed him since his time in Vietnam.


The Petrosky’s story is brought to you by
Chapter 176, Centralia, Illinois.

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