Monday, June 7, 2010

This site is for anybody who wants to tell their story about anything they know about Agent Orange or any other chemicals and dangerous contamination on Guam. We welcome anyone that is interested including Veterans, Civilians, or Contractors.
This site is also for anyone trying to gain more knowledge on this subject.

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  1. Sen Jim Webb is a holder of the "NAVY CROSS"
    go to HIS web site and read how he got it!!!!!!

    He was a Marine Lt incommand of a platoon. THEY
    were ordered to take a hill which had 3 VC BUNKERS (probably a hole in the ground covered by some logs)

    1. at the first bunker HE brandished his 45
    pistol (he was an officer so no need to lug
    a big old heavy M14) and the three VC inside surrendered.

    2. now bunker number 2 knew HE was a cummin
    and fired some shots at HIM. But Lt Webb
    saved the day by going up to the door and throw in a claymore mine. Killing 2 or 3 VC inside. (apparently he for got to go in and cut off their ears so that Westy could have an accurate body count to inflate) Question...WHO LUGGED that claymore mine up the hill?

    3. Bunker #3 dam sure knew he was a cummin.
    AGAIN he was Johnny on the spot,,,Threw a
    hand grenade into it and destroyed the BUNKER. BUT another hand grenade came rolling from the bunker when our hero saw this , he gabbed the marine behind him, knocked him on the ground
    and shielded him with his own body. the debree and shrapnel rained down on them but no one was hurt NO PURPLE HEART.

    I'm surprised they didn't give him the Medal
    of Honor....ONLY THE NAVY CROSS after all he
    was an OFFICER.

    I guess the enlisted Marines just walked up the hill and had a c-raton picnic.

    Now this PUFFED up politician wants to deny
    nam vets their damages from Agent Orange.
    I hope that the rest of Congress can see past
    this idiots ideas.

    Cpl don Hannah 560 COMBAT MP Co Nam 1965