Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last minute action to protect infants from Dioxin | April 1, 2010

Did you know that almost every baby in America is born pre-polluted with dioxin, one of the most toxic and cancer-causing chemicals known to man? Unbelievable, right?

What's even more shocking is the EPA's proposed cleanup standard for dioxin does not even take this into consideration! Dioxin is so persistent and pervasive in our environment (thanks to polluting corporations like Dow Chemical), even infants are exposed to this chemical in the womb.

Can you send a quick e-mail to EPA and tell them they can't ignore our body burden of Dioxin, especially for infants and children? EPA needs to recalculate their cleanup guidelines to take our body burden into account. We only have one more day to tell EPA we want stronger cleanup guidelines for Dioxin.

1. Send EPA an e-mail with a picture of your baby, child, or grandchild and tell them they can't ignore the fact that babies are born pre-polluted with potentially harmful levels of Dioxin. You can do this by copying and pasting a photo into a Word document, and send the attachement to EPA.

2. Send your e-mail to the EPA here: and cc us here:

3. You can visit or to see an example and use this as a model. Feel free to copy the text in this e-mail.

4. You can learn more about dioxin by visiting CHEJ's website:

The deadline for comments is the end of the day this Friday, so please send your message by the end of the day Friday.

Here's why this is so important: dioxin builds up in our bodies over our lifetime can remain there for many years. The levels of dioxin in our bodies are at or near the levels known to cause harm. The half life of dioxin (the amount of time it takes for half of a given amount of dioxin to break down) in people ranges from seven to eleven years!

Thanks for your help!

Yours for a healthy future,

Mike Schade, PVC Campaign Coordinator
Center for Health, Environment & Justice

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