Thursday, July 16, 2009

Veterans Radio - Saturday 18 July 2009

Saturday 18 July 2009
9:00-10:00 AM Eastern

Agent Orange

We have all heard of Agent Orange and what it has done to Vietnam Veterans – right?
Sadly, you have heard little about it. You have not heard how it may affect future generations – perhaps your own; how it may affect you, and how its most dangerous components may be in use around you… and…even by you.

• What made up Agent Orange?
• Is cancer the only consequence?
• Vietnam Vets - the only casualties?
• Was it used elsewhere?
• What about their descendants?
• Might it affect your descendants?
• Can I buy it off the shelf?
• What about Vietnam today?

The answers to the above, sadly, may shock and anger you.

This week join host Gary Lillie and Agent Orange activists, Vietnam Veterans of America members George Claxton, Sandie Wilson and Jim Doyle. They will tell you things about Agent Orange that are sure to make you demand action – to protect not only you, but more importantly, to protect future generations.

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