Wednesday, December 22, 2021

More toxic exposure to military and their families


Toxic exposures on our military are no new thing, often it is the side effect of chemical war like mustard gas, nuclear or radiation, agent orange, or burn pits. But what I am going to talk about is the exposure to our families inside our own country. This isn’t about PFAS, or the exposures on Fort McClellan or Camp Lejeune, this is about the drinking water at military installations in Hawaii.

There were already reports of residents on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam being sickened, possibly from the water. On November 29, the base commander, Captain Erik A.Spitzer, sent out a message to all military housing residents. He stated: “I can tell you at this point that there are no immediate indications that the water is not safe… We visited several communities and homes last night to get samples of water and we talked with residents who had concerns.”

But it was found that just before Thanksgiving on November 22 a fuel-water mixture totaling 14,000 gallons was spilled from a leak in a drain line on Pearl Harbor.


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